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Fender Play – Fastest Way To Learn Guitar

What is Fender Play?

Fender Play is a guided online learning program that teaches beginners to get playing in minutes. With hundreds of instructional videos and hands-on exercises, Fender Play walks new players down a learning path based on their musical preferences. The curriculum is designed so that after a few short lessons a player will be able to learn something new, whether it’s a skill, a recognizable riff or a full song.

Fender Play incorporates top-quality, 4K multi-camera video production to deliver a clear and unified curriculum, with an aesthetic that aligns to the overall Fender brand. Among the production elements incorporated for optimum teaching are a split-screen and an over-the-shoulder angle that provides a unique and valuable perspective for the new player.

How does Fender Play work?

New players will be asked questions about their instrument preference and interest in style. Based on those answers, Fender Play curates a personalized learning path. The path brings you step-by-step from the basics of learning to play, through the skills and techniques that make up the specific style you are focused on.

How much does Fender Play cost?

Fender Play offers Monthly and Annual subscription options. A free 14-day trial is included with all plans.

After your trial is up, it’s $9.99 USD (Canada $12.99; UK £9.59) per month for the Monthly Plan and $89.99 USD (Canada $116.99; UK £85.19) per year for the Annual Plan. Guitar, Ukulele and Bass lessons are included with all subscriptions! At home or on the road, improve your skills in minutes with the Fender Play App for desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST) in countries where VAT or GST is collected, is not included in the Fender Play subscription fee. Your billing address determines the applicable VAT, GST, local or state tax which is applied at checkout.

I’ve never played before. Can I use Fender Play?

Yes! Fender Play has been designed with the brand-new beginner in mind. Fender Play starts with fundamentals, like “How to hold your instrument” and subsequently walks players through the process of building dexterity and confidence as they learn. Ultimately, a beginner who completes their learning path will be proficient enough to learn and play different styles and songs at a more intermediate level.

What if I’m not a total beginner? Can I learn something new?

Yes. Fender Play has a comprehensive curriculum that will give most beginners, no matter how many days or months of experience they have playing, something new to learn. Whether you have never played before or have already learned a few chords, Fender Play has something to offer, from tips on how to switch between chords more easily, to full lessons on how to play your favorite songs.

Customize your guitar learning experience

At home or on the road, improve your skills in minutes with the Fender Play App for desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android. Re-watch your lesson online or in the app. Skip ahead or view from a different camera angle to hone your technique.

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